all-round infrastructure handyman


Function description

This is a very interesting job for employees who like to work outdoors.
We are looking for an all-round infrastructure employee for a client.
You will be carrying out jobs throughout Leudal on the infrastructure of the municipality of Leudal.
You will receive a handyman bus and the necessary materials for this.

An example of the work that needs to be carried out: there are a few paving stones crooked somewhere, they need to be straightened. In another place a reflector post has been knocked over, this needs to be straightened, work has been done on the road somewhere and a road barrier needs to be removed, and so on.

Function demands

  • some experience in infrastructure
  • you think in solutions rather than problems
  • not afraid of dirty hands
  • Driving license B preferably with E
  • some technical experience

We offer

  • work for at least 1 year
  • work for the government
  • salary according to collective labor agreement
  • 8.33% holiday pay


If you are interested in this vacancy please send an email with your CV to:
For more information use the contact form or call us: +316-22191161.

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