With Janssen Jobs you will find what you are looking for!

Janssen Jobs is the employment agency of Limburg. We are an employment agency located in Haelen, in the heart of the Central Limburg Leudal.

Who are we and what is important to us?

Personal contact with the employee and the employer is central to us. We work in a contemporary and personal way. For example, we visit our employees at home, we keep in close contact with our employers and we personally inform ourselves about what is happening on the work floor. As a result, we are informed in detail about what the employer expects from our employees. It is obvious that in this 24-hour society, we are always available to both employees and clients.

At Janssen Jobs, both as an employer and as an employee, you are not a number, as you might be used to from the larger organizations.
Through personal contact, we look beyond a CV. Of course, a CV is useful to get an impression, but this impression is only about the work experience. We find it important to get to know you as a person and to see what you have to offer. There is a good chance that you have more skills and interests than your CV shows.

Are you the talent we are looking for?  We are always looking for enthusiastic employees for our employers.
Are you looking for talent for your organization? Then we would love to help you.


Matching employee and employer regardless of ethnicity, creed, culture or background. Our challenge is therefore to find the right employee(s) for clients and organize the perfect match for the job seeker. Old-fashioned personal contact such as a 'kitchen table' meeting is our guiding principle in this process. Janssen Jobs takes great care to find a suitable solution for both candidate and employer, so that the employee can proudly say: ''I work for Janssen Jobs''.