For rent mini excavator


Janssen Jobs has a small mini excavator.
The mini excavator has a width of 72 cm, a height of 150 cm and a weight of 1100 kg.
The mini excavator can be used not only for all kinds of projects in places that are difficult to reach, but also for digging trenches etc.


Do you know the feeling of needing a few cubic yards of sand out of the garden or a few bushes or trees removed, but don't know where to start? 
Call in a landscaping company? Then you will probably have to wait six months, which of course you don't want. We have the solution; just call Janssen Jobs and you will see that it is all a lot easier. Give us a call and your job will be a whole lot easier. 
With our own mini excavator, 72 cm wide, we can do almost any garden job. From removing tree stumps, digging ponds or pools to moving bushes or leveling your garden, we can do it all. 
No big opening to the garden? Also no problem we can even fit through a door! With our years of experience with mini excavators and earth moving, it will be a breeze and best of all at a competitive price.

Basically, you can leave all the heavy garden work that is bad for your back to us with peace of mind.

There are many possibilities with our "ienie-mini". Request information without any strings attached.

Please note; our mini excavator can only be rented with an operator, of course at a reasonable rate.