What about retirement as a temporary employee?

As a temporary employee, you also have the right to a retirement. At Janssen Jobs, we think it is important that your retirement is well taken care of.
As of the first of July 2023, new legislation on retirement has come into force, making the retirement system more open and personal. For example, for new employees, the waiting period of 8 weeks of work has been abolished.

For temporary employees, retirement accrual is regulated nationwide by the StiPP pension fund. Through StiPP you build up an individual retirement capital.

In your own portal, My StiPP Pension, you can see for each period whether and how much retirement you have built up. Going through a few steps will take you to the overview. It is important that you always show this overview with supplied data when you start working for a new employer.
This ensures that your new employer registers you in the right scheme at the right time and that you accrue the right amount of retirement!

See here for more information about StiPP retirement and where you can find your pension accrual.